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Pergola installed in backyard deck. Master Roofing Inc is your local pergola contractor in Vancouver WA.Pergolas are simple ways to define outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing or anything else your family can imagine. Since there are a number of ways to construct a pergola you’ll want to first consult with an experienced pergola contractor to help you come up with a design and plan. Include these four questions in the discussion, and the pergola builder will have a better idea of what you want.

How Do I Select a Spot for My Pergola?

There are likely several areas in your backyard that the team of pergola installers will recommend. Some of those suggestions will be based on how you intend to use the space. Other suggestions will take into consideration how close the structure would be to the property line.

Ideally, the location that you select will motivate you and your family to use the pergola often. It should also be far enough away from property lines and privacy fences for you to truly feel secure in your own space. The fact that it’s not too close to the property line could mean one less permit that must be in hand before the pergola contractor can begin the actual construction.

Pergola Ideas

Did you know that there are quite a few designs for pergolas? You could opt for open pergola ideas that allow plenty of sunshine into space. There’s also the possibility of going with a style that makes use of enclosed arches; this is a great option if you want a shady space while still leaving most of the structure open.

Do you want a detached pergola, or will it be attached to the back of the home, the garage, or a tool shed? All three of these are options you will want to discuss with your pergola contractor.

Some property owners use vines and other climbing plants to trail along the sides and archways of a pergola. Others prefer to leave their structures unadorned with any type of plant life. Experts who have a lot of experience with pergola construction will help you settle on a style that fits in with your vision for space.

What are the Different Pergola Materials?

Have you given much thought about the materials you want to use for the pergola construction? The traditional approach is to use wood for the entire structure. You could also consider a concrete slab paired with a metal pergola. Don’t forget that if you are thinking about a completely open style that will not have to support the weight of clinging vines, vinyl is also an option.

Your pergola contractor will help you compare the merits associated with each of these materials. Keep in mind factors like durability, upkeep, and how you use your pergola may change in the future.

Which Size Pergola is Best?

Most pergola ideas are easily adapted to different dimensions. Function and the amount of space you have available make it easier to identify the right scale for your backyard. Remember that you want the pergola to make your space feel more inviting. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced pergola builder. This will ensure your pergola is correctly proportioned to whatever else you have in your backyard.

Consulting with your pergola contractor will provide answers to these and other key questions. As the discussion continues, you’ll begin to see why it’s a good idea to use certain types of materials and to go with a specific style for the archway. Once the design includes all the elements that you desire, it will be easy for the pergola installers to ensure the finished product looks great and will hold up well for many years. If you’re interested in adding a pergola to your property, contact the pergola contractors at Master Roofing. We’ll guarantee your new pergola will match your home and your style, seamlessly. We offer free estimates! 

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