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Window Replacement


Window installation is a big investment. Having the correct windows installed is incredibly important to ensure leaks don’t occur. Whether old, looking for a different style, or wanting to add more light to your home, many people have had to look into window installation. Windows installed by someone inexperienced, or selecting the wrong windows can cause serious problems in the future. Even the highest quality windows will fail if they are installed improperly.
Window Installation by Master Roofing Inc in Vancouver WA

There are two main methods of installing windows:

  • Cut in installation – Removing the window and window frame and replacing it with a completely new setup. This method involves more steps and is more in depth.
  • Stop in installation – Installing a new window into an existing frame.

The best method of installation is determined by the size of the window, as well as if the existing frame is in good condition. If a new window is simply too large for the existing opening, then a new frame must be constructed. But if a window fits into an existing frame that is in good condition, then that frame can be used for the new window(s). The old frame will be assessed before and after removal which will ultimately determine whether it needs to be replaced or not.

Window Materials

Windows come in vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each has its own pros and cons depending on the building and the climate. Some materials will last longer than others and are more likely to be recommended. Wood windows may not be the best choice for being exposed heavily to the elements. This is where vinyl or fiberglass would be a better option. Be prepared to discuss in depth each material and why they would be good options for you.

Choosing the correct windows and having them installed properly is very beneficial. Most newer window options are energy efficient. By installing energy efficient windows, you can save money in the long run on heating and cooling costs. Aside from energy efficiency, the design of windows is crucial. If you select windows that do not match the curb appeal of your building, this can cause problems in the future if you are looking to sell.

Factory Direct Window Sales

At Master Roofing, we work directly with the factory. Cutting out the middleman saves you money and allows for accurate manufacturing and order times. There is nothing worse than having a project delayed or stopped due to misinformed information about the availability of your windows. Accurate orders, factory direct pricing, quick service and warranty follow up are all a benefit of working directly with the factory rather than a faceless distribution chain.

Apartment building window installation by Master Roofing Inc in Vancouver WA

Apartment Window Installation

Installing windows on an apartment building can be difficult and dangerous work. Replacing windows on an apartment building can be incredibly beneficial to landlords and tenants. Updated windows can provide a more appealing look as well as provide better insulation. This means a more comfortable living space, improved energy saving, and savings on the cost of heating and cooling. The more windows purchased and installed can cost less per unit than installing a couple at a time. It’s vital to choose a company that has experience and knowledge of apartment window installation.

Commercial window Installation by Master Roofing Inc. in Vancouver WA

Commercial Window Installation

Windows give the first impressions of a building. If they are outdated, cracked, or broken, it can show customers and clients that the owners do not care and may be neglecting other things. Having broken windows can cause the building to be more prone to theft. It’s important to have professionals come in for window installation on commercial buildings. They are often large scale jobs and the best quality job needs to be done in order to prevent future problems. The team at Master Roofing Inc. is prepared to take care of your commercial window needs.

Types of Windows

Windows come in many different shapes and sizes. Determining what kind you are looking for can be incredibly overwhelming. At Master Roofing Inc. we install the following:

  • Vinyl Windows
  • Single, Double, and Triple Pane Windows
  • Skylights and Sun Tunnel Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Single and Double Hung Windows
  • Sliding Windows

Cost is a major concern for many customers, the more specialized windows can cost more than standard windows. Our team has the knowledge of all types of windows and are happy to help determine what kind will be a perfect fit for your budget and building.

Window Installation Contractor

Determining the correct type of window and selecting the right company for the job is vital for a window installation to last. Master Roofing Inc. in Vancouver has an experienced team that will discuss all of your options to ensure the job is done correctly. We will fit your needs for any commercial, apartment, and residential buildings. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about our window installation services.

Window Installation in Vancouver WA


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